Water seepages/leakages in buildings can be regarded as one of, if not, the most psychologically stressful building defect to tackle for property owners and managers alike. In this regards, the need for skilled diagnosis of the causes leading to water seepages/leakages is essential to ensure the source of water seepages/leakages is arrested.

Repairs to water seepage at the ceiling take different forms, depending on the cause of the water seepage. Basically, there are three methods of repair to ceiling leakages. These are by re-screeding, using polyurethane injection and epoxy injection. A common method used for widespread leakage is re-screeding of the floor. Repairs are carried out on the active or upper side of the slab where the leaks originate. This is in contrast to the other two methods in which repairs are carried out on the passive side of or soffit of the slab. The other two methods are only suitable for localised seepage.

Methods used:

- Membrane System
- Epoxy Injection
- Polyurethane Injection
- Sealant Work


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